Writing an Essay on the Need for Belonging

The need for belonging is an emotional construct that involves the human emotional need to be in, accepted, liked, and welcomed by a particular group of people. The group of people could vary. It could be classmates, workmates, teammates, a group of friends, or any other social grouping.

The need for belonging goes both ways. It also refers and dwells on giving support and acquaintance to other people who could be teammates, workmates, classmates, or folks belonging to various social groupings.

Writing an essay on the need for belonging requires you to recognize the fact that human beings want and need to belong to various groups so that they can feel included. Understanding this aspect will help you craft a solid essay that has proper foundations and fundamentals.

Emotional State and Health

Just like physical and mental health and states, emotions are also part of an individual’s health. Emotional health is a crucial pillar in the life of a human being, and given that a large chunk of folks rely on their emotions to make decisions, it is a central and thematic area that provides for proper research and writing.

If you set out to write an essay on the need for belonging, it is essential to point out the role of emotional health in the overall life of a person. Since the need for belonging is an emotional need, pointing out some aspects of emotional health helps to provide context and background on what you will write about.

Human Needs

People have a wide range of needs. These needs vary in priority, and that is why there is a particular hierarchy to the needs of people. In this sense, therefore, you need to ensure that you look at the aspect of human needs in detail. While these needs vary in degree or priority, they are still needs, and people will want to satisfy them at any given time.

The need for belonging is also a need just like any other, and it is vital to recognize that fact. Expounding on human needs will help to contextualize the need for belonging, and will also provide for necessary background information that will help in the entire essay-writing process.


People need to belong thanks to the commonality that brings them together. An individual might want to be part of a group of classmates because they share the same class. He or she might want to be part of a group of teammates because they play in the same team. He or she might want to be in a particular church group because they go to the same church.

The aspect of commonality is what brings these social groupings together. It also helps to drive the need for belonging. Therefore, when writing an essay on the need for belonging, you might want to touch on the aspect of social groupings so that you can bring to the fore how these social groupings come to be and why people need to belong to them. Working with research paper writers could also come in handy here.

Behaviors and Attitudes

People who need to belong to a particular group at times change their behavior and attitudes so they can conform to the specific behavior of members of the social group they intend to belong. It is the norm, in most cases, rather than the exception for folks to tweak and change their behaviors and align them to those of members of a particular group or affiliation.

When writing your essay, it is important to highlight the possibility that people, at times, have to change their behavior so that they can fit in these social affiliations.

To sum this up, human need and human emotions fuel the need to associate with other people and need to feel accepted in their circles. When crafting an essay on the need for belonging, it is important to note that these emotions are at the center of the need for belonging. Therefore, the essay should mainly rotate around this point. This will help to build a proper case for your essay.


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